Some things you'll know if you're our client
Our Agenda Is Yours
Once you've been our client for a while, you come to understand that our primary concern is getting results for you. Though we used to be, we're no longer concerned with awards or having cool stuff to show off in our portfolio. Good ROI for our clients - that's what we want. Before we take on a project with you, we'll go so far as to try to help you determine if we're a good fit for you. And even if we don't think we are, we'll try to give you the best guidance we can.
You can trust us to:
  • Be nice and courteous to you
  • Be judicious with your resources
  • Answer your calls and emails
  • Build what you expect us to
  • Follow through with promises
We Listen
You know your business better than we do. So we'll take your ideas seriously, and make sure we understand them. We're here to help figure out how to bring them to life efficiently and effectively.
We Solve
We have a reputation for being brought in when there's a particularly difficult creative challenge. If you can think of it, if it's possible, even if it's never been done, we'll get it done.
We Look Out
You can trust us to be vigilant when it comes to spotting issues on the horizon. We have years of experience building successful projects that remain trouble-free for the long run.
We're holding up our lighters over here... awesome!! We think this is exactly what they will want.
You rocked it. Literally in this case.
– A real client, upon reviewing a rebranding video we made for one of their clients
Did I mention we are #1 in organic? And that Google loves our mobile site?
That's all you… Feel the love.
– A real client after we revamped their site for search optimization
Whomever created this program did an awesome job.
Thank you!
– A Time IQ customer, responding to a support request
Just wanted to let you know that your idea was a success. It totally worked!
Thanks for helping me debug such a weird issue.
– A real client whom we helped to make an email design work properly
It was all due to the team at IQ Foundry.
Thank you.
– An actual client when their website went live
WOW – this is fantastic. Everything is perfect. Wicked Awesome.
Thanks. We're done here.
– A real client upon reviewing a video we created for them
Oh my gosh – that does look CRAZY REAL.
Impressive… most impressive.
– A client, when they didn't have a photo they needed so we made a fake one
A few of our clients
A few of our clients
American Family Insurance
Jim Beam
Sub Zero
Swarthmore College
Firefly Mobile
Thermo Fisher Scientific
Great Wolf Lodge
P.O. Box 7084
Madison, WI 53707

phone: 608-237-1541

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