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If you need to astonish and inspire, whether in your lobby, at your next big convention, or in your customers' homes, you've come to the right place. Here at IQ Foundry, our clients come to us with big ideas. Often crazy ideas. And those clients trust us to figure out how to bring those big ideas to life in a big way. Here's some of the stuff we've pulled off.
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General Electric
AIR Recon Experience
GE upped the anty for this year's tradeshow. To showcase their newest line of modular magnetic resonance coils, we built an interactive experience on a 10-foot tall curved LED screen. Visitors can learn all about the new coils, and thanks to the fun real-time interactive overlay, can see just how slim and unburdensome the coils would be in real life.
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The Circle
Radiologists: GE understands your pain. To prove it to you, they had us build this sleek tradeshow exhibit featuring four transparent and reflective touchscreen monitors. Throughout the three stations of the presentation, GE had us introduce their newest exciting features such as AI-detected brain concerns and automatic synchronization of CT scanner settings between hospitals.
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Signa Lift Tool
To help hospitals and radiologists understand how to upgrade their MRI equipment to their new SIGNA line, GE parterned with us once again to build a giant touchscreen exhibit for their tradeshow booth. Incorporating just about every animated lighting effect we could muster up, we produced a stylish and educational interactive that walks users through the process of selecting their current MR tech and shows the improvements available to them.
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Q.Clear Exhibit
GE sought to create a hands-free interactive exhibit to model their brand new, drastically improved CT scanning technology. Partnering directly with GE and one of their trusted marketing agencies, we built an experience featuring a touchless display, where the viewer uses body motions to control a simulated scan and to learn about Q.Clear's advantages.
MR Timeline
For the biggest tradeshow of the year, GE wanted some serious wow factor to tout how far they've come with magnetic resonance technology over the years. We came in to figure out how to bring their vision to life. The result is a video wall comprised of eight huge HD monitors, displaying an interactive MR timeline that detects viewers and animates according to their exact positions as they walk by. GE liked it so much we built a version for their headquarters.
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Surrogate Reflection
The Madison Museum Of Contemporary Art asked us to create a design-related art piece based upon another work in their collection. We chose a painting in Ernest Trova's Falling Man series. The Falling Man is meant to reflect the robotic, mechanical, and androgenous aspects of being human. So we made a virtual mirror that reflects not exactly you, but instead, an android version of yourself. Note in the photo that an IQ staffer is taking a photo of the mirror... hence the raised hands.
University of Kansas
University of Kansas
Sports Stats Kiosks
KU came to IQ Foundry with an idea that would make their press boxes and luxury suites even more luxurious. We developed a touchscreen system that would not only show the game, but also provide instant stat updates for players on the field. It was such a hit, the following year we built one for their basketball program.
Healthy Beef Challenge
One of our agency clients sought us out to create an interactive quiz for Zoetis. The resulting iPad-based experience, featured at the National Cattlemen's Beef Association Convention, pitted cattle raisers against each other to determine who has the most knowledge about beef health.
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